Attention Deficit Disorder

“Your child has ADD.” What a simple pronouncement given by doctors today… almost too simple. Many will tell you that your only hope is medication or to learn focusing techniques followed by a life of coping and compensating. These statements and prognoses are given with little room for hope, but there is a way to correct and even prevent ADD.

Defining ADD:
When we have an understanding of what something actually is, then we will have a better understanding of where the problems actually lie. ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. 

  • Attention – “the act or faculty of attending; a capacity to maintain selective or sustained concentration” (
  • Deficit – “a disadvantage, impairment” (
  • Disorder – “lack of order…, confusion” (

Within the definition for Attention, you may notice the word “attending.” Attending, in this instance, means to have the skill of listening. Yes, listening is actually an acquired skill. In summary, ADD is having a disadvantage in life due to the lack of acquired listening skills.

How Society Contributes to ADD:
Children growing up in our current society spend little time honing any listening skills because there is an abundance of televisions, computers, hand-held games, video games, etc. Needless to say, we have definitely moved from an auditory society to a visual society. Although Mom and Dad are busy working to provide for their families, one of the drawbacks in today’s busy society is that families no longer spend quality time around the dinner table talking and listening to each other without any distractions. As a result, the art of listening has become just that… an art. Listening is something that must be practiced in order to be able to do it well. 

Understanding ADD in the Classroom:
Today’s average child spends the first years of his or her life receiving information in a visual way because we live in a visual society, yet when these children are sent to school they are expected to be able to sit still and listen to a teacher who instructs them auditorially. The teacher stands before the class telling them (not showing them) what they will be doing, and only the children whose parents have spent time with them in quality, face-to-face conversation will have the ability to listen and understand their teacher. These children have a huge advantage because they have practiced and acquired listening skills. 

Don’t Give-in to the Blame Game:
A Brilliant Foundation does not assign blame to parents and neither should you. We believe parents need to be made knowledgeable of this information because as parents you are living in a visual society too. 

I did not know this information myself and made it my life’s purpose to help others after I learned the root causes behind my son’s learning and behavioral difficulties.

There is a root cause behind today’s learning and behavioral difficulties and that is what A Brilliant Foundation addresses in order to bring healing and hope to you and/or your child. As a result, we have tremendous success in helping individuals diagnosed with ADD. They no longer have to spend the rest of their lives learning how to cope and compensate because they no longer experience the difficulties associated with ADD.  

There is Hope!

If you or your child are experiencing these symptoms or have received one of these diagnoses, A Brilliant Foundation has answers! To learn more about this fascinating topic and how we can help, please contact us for a Private Consultation.

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