Faith Haley

Founder and President
​Neuro-Educational Consultant

Our family’s story is so very similar to many others…

One of our sons was almost 14 years old and still unable to read, diagnosed with dyslexia. He had many other struggles as well. He was extremely hyper, diagnosed with ADHD, unable to express his own thoughts, only speaking in short phrases, among other things like perseverating on words. Although he was big for his age, sports were difficult for him because he never really knew where he was in space and had an extremely high pain tolerance. We knew our son was extremely intelligent because he was a quick study when it came to math. We were at a loss as to why he struggled so in some areas but not in others.

Despite all of these difficulties, we were thankful that he still had a positive attitude toward life. Like so many of the families we work with today, in looking for answers, we too changed schools and programs every year searching for answers, but no one was able to help us. As panic set in over his education, a friend introduced us to a “neuro” approach to learning. We were told that this approach would stimulate the nerve pathways in our son’s brain in order to help him complete pivotal developmental steps which in turn would help him succeed academically, socially, and physically. Little did we know at the time, but our prayers had been answered!

We began diligently working on his customized, neurodevelopmental program and within six weeks he suddenly began speaking and expressing himself as if there had never been a problem. As he began to complete more developmental steps, his physical body also changed. His proprioception (knowing where he was in space) increased. He was no longer clumsy and was able to successfully participate in any sport he desired. As if these successes weren’t enough, he went up seven grade levels in all of his academics within the first year of beginning his neurodevelopmental program. 

He graduated from high school at the age of 18 and went on to earn a degree in business management. Today he is a successful businessman who owns his own company and is happily married to my wonderful daughter-in-law with three beautiful children.

Seeing the changes in my son is the main reason I do what I do. But, I also work in this field because through the years I’ve been so very blessed to help many families experience the same things we experienced…Sweet Success!

It’s always the highlight of my day to hear and experience so many success stories with my clients!

We’d love for your family to be one of those! It takes daily work and a financial commitment but for those who endure and make a choice to stick with it, it is the best choice anyone could ever make for their child’s future. We are confident that we have the answers you are looking for!

"Anyone with a brain is a good candidate for a brain training program"

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