Topical Articles

  • Dyslexia

    The word “Dyslexia” has become synonymous with coping and compensating, struggling, and overcoming. It also has the power to strike fear in the hearts of parents who hear it suggested by professionals. More...

  • Short-Term Memory

    Processing information is the brain's ability to properly process, organize, and express the sensory information it receives from the environment. The information received through...more

  • Long-Term Memory

    Long-term memory… what a lovely thought! To have good long-term memory a great deal depends on what is called dominance. Dominance is perhaps one of the most important factors in having a truly...more

  • Attention Deficit Disorder

    “Your child has ADD.” What a simple pronouncement given by doctors today… almost too simple. Many will tell you that your only hope is medication or to learn focusing techniques followed by a life of coping...more

  • Organization of the Central Nervous System

    The central nervous system is the control center of the brain and directs how we learn. The growth process of the central nervous system begins at conception, while the organization of the central nervous system should...more

  • The Second Brain

    Most people are only just beginning to hear about the importance of a healthy gut and its correlation to brain health. Scientists have begun to realize that there are so many...more

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