The word “Dyslexia” has become synonymous with coping and compensating, struggling, and overcoming. It also has the power to strike fear in the hearts of parents who hear it suggested by professionals.

But what if there was an answer to this huge problem? What if someone knew what to do to change things and a person diagnosed with Dyslexia didn’t have to struggle to learn? We know we have the answers you are looking for. Read on if you’re looking for some good news!

As with all learning struggles there is a root cause to the label of Dyslexia.  It has a lot to do with the establishment of dominance (see the article on long-term memory) and building a strong vestibular system. Did you know that astronauts who do not struggle with Dyslexia will experience Dyslexic-type symptoms when they return home to the Earth’s gravity after being in the weightless environment of space? Their vestibular system is not functioning properly. Their symptoms range from mirror writing, to reversing numbers and letters, to being clumsy because they do not know where they are in the space of an area. They are then given exercises that will correct their vestibular system dysfunction, which strengthens and organizes parts of the brain to correct the Dyslexic-type symptoms and quickly brings them back to their original learning abilities before they went into space. 

If a person is experiencing symptoms of Dyslexia, we at A Brilliant Foundation know how to correct the struggles they experience by utilizing the same types of exercises used by NASA and by writing a brain-training program to specifically address the needs of each person. Our brain-training programs strengthen and organize the parts of the brain responsible for causing the symptoms of Dyslexia. Our track record proves that when you organize and strengthen the brain, Dyslexic symptoms will disappear.

There is Hope!

If you or your child are experiencing these symptoms or have received one of these diagnoses, A Brilliant Foundation has answers! To learn more about this fascinating topic and how we can help, please contact us for a Private Consultation.

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