Organization of the Central Nervous System

The central nervous system is the control center of the brain and directs how we learn. The growth process of the central nervous system begins at conception, while the organization of the central nervous system should “happen” during the first years of life. When it is properly organized, we are ensured a strong developmental foundation – one that makes learning and every aspect of life much easier.

So, how does the central nervous system begin to organize itself in a baby? All babies have a built-in, God-given mobility program. When given the opportunity and placed on the floor on their tummies, babies will naturally begin moving through their built-in mobility program on their own. It is extremely important for babies to move through this mobility program in order to properly organize their central nervous system! Unfortunately our society is progressing in the wrong direction by keeping babies in an upright position in swings, walkers, etc., or always having babies laying on their backs. Fear has played a large part in this downward progression because of trying to keep our babies safe and clean, but in actuality we are crippling them… just like a baby chick would be crippled if you tried to help it out of its shell.

If you liken the construction of an individual’s development to the construction of a house you could make the following analogy:

A foundation crew is at a building site trying to get the foundation properly prepared. Due to unforeseen circumstances, there were delays in getting the foundation properly prepared, but in order to remain on schedule, the electricians, plumbers, sheet rockers, roofers, and other scheduled contractors began building on the ill-prepared foundation. The contractors completed their work, but the stress the building places on the unfinished foundation is greatly increased. The structure of the building may look good and hold up well at first, but eventually the building will begin falling apart because it was not built on a solid, supportive foundation.

From this story, we can compare the arrival of the contractors to the arrival of kindergarten, first-grade, second-grade, etc. Whether a child’s developmental foundation is properly prepared or not, a child is expected to enter school at a certain time in order to “remain on schedule.” Yet a child’s developmental foundation is what determines how easy it will be for a child to learn and cope with his/her environment!

Whether it is struggling through the third grade or organizing a home, a person without a good developmental foundation always has an underlying anxiety that they just can’t shake off. This person is like a house built on sand.

But there is hope! The neuroplasticity or elasticity of the brain ensures us that the central nervous system can be organized at any age! A Brilliant Foundation knows how to properly organize a person’s central nervous system which will in turn provide a strong developmental foundation. This can be accomplished by stimulating the central nervous system with specific activities done five days a week over a specified period of time. Organizing the central nervous system is organizing the brain for a life lived with ease instead of constant struggle. An organized brain is the recipe for an organized, strong, and healthy life! 

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